Skyward News

There is a new notes feature in Skyward Student and Family Access that students & parents may find very useful.  Parents can leave a note on the calendar for their child or students can leave a note for themselves.  Students can tie the note to a certain course or just leave a note.

"Don't plan anything for tonight as you have to study for your Math test."

"Come straight home after school.  We have to leave at 4 pm for your brother's basketball game."   (If parents use the note feature for examples such as this, they have to make sure that their child knows to check their Skyward Student Access every day)

"Hope you are having a good day.  Good luck on your Math test!"

Students can use the note feature to turn their calendar on Student Access into a daily planner.

"Study for Math test" and the student would tie this note to their Math course.

"Go right home after school - leave at 4 pm for Jason's game."

To use this new feature, click on the Skyward Family Access button at the left and follow the instructions under "Note Feature Instructions".  If you have any questions, feel free to email Carla Knowlton at .

In an effort to reduce postage, paper cost and the time involved in mailing report cards, parents now have the option of viewing and/or printing report cards from Family Access instead of receiving a "hard copy" in the mail.
Even though with Family Access, you have the option of looking at your child's grades on a continuous basis with "real-time" information, you can also click on the "Report Card" link at the left and view or print their report card.
Therefore, if you DO NOT WANT to receive report cards in the mail any longer, please email the building secretary at the building that your child attends (email listed below) and in the message area, type: I no longer wish to receive a hard copy report card for: and then list your child's name and grade.

McComb Elementary (K, 1, 2):  
Schall Elementary (3, 4, 5):  
Caro Middle School (6, 7, 8):  
Caro High School (9, 10, 11, 12):  
Caro Alternative High School (Alternative Ed): or

Thank you for helping us to save funds and paper!