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2012 Season Results:


Nov 6th

Monday night the 7th Grade Lady Tigers Basketball Team took on the Millington Cardinals falling short by one point 21-20.
Leading scorer was Hurricane Morgan Eremia with 6 points, several steals and lots of rebounds. Mac Attack Smith, The Ripper Cameryn Braown and Speedy Abby Chronowski all landed 4 points, steals and rebounds. Banana Shaianna LaPratt got 2 points and several rebounds. Great effort and lots of positive team playing. The girls tried hard and will continue to get better and better, so watch out!! Love, Coach W.

Nov 8th
Wednesday night the 7th Grade Lady Tigers took on Birch Run. The B-Team beat Birch Run 32-11. Whoowahhh!! Leading scorers were Brick House Scarlet Bringard and Smiling Caitlyn Campbell with 8 points. Hustling Brianna Osenkowski and Tough and Fast Maria Holbrook each had 6 points. Last Second Melissa Kreger and Big and Strong Emily Downing got 2 points and several steals, reabounds and assists. A-Team fell short again losing by 2 points. The Purple Rain was falling by Fast Shooter Elephant Abby Chronowski with 8 points and a beautiful 3 pointer. Strong Paige Prime had 4 points and several rebounds. Sharp Shooter Hannah Dennis found the basket finally for 2 points and Faster Than Most Christa Ewald had 2 points and outstanding defense. Great effort by all!! Keep working hard and let the Purple Rain Fall!! Whoowahhh!! Love,

Nov 12th

Monday the Girls 7th Grae Basketball Team took on Cramer and lost by two points. The game was difficult due to no visible clock time. The girls tried really hard and will keep trying to get that first victory. Leading scorers were Elephant Strong Abby Chronowski with 6 points, Tough Paige Prime with 4 points, Mac Attack Smith-Bull Strong Eremia-and The Ripper Brown each had 2 points. Keep trying and remember teamwork. Love Coach W.
Nov 14th

Wednesday NIght the 7the Grade Basketball Team Took on BridgePort and made up for their fight for a victory with a win of 44-23. Whoowaahhhh!!Leading Scorer was Mac Attack McKenzie Smith with 10 points all from her awesome defense off of steals. Sharp Shooter Dennis sunk 6 points. Strong Prime-Ripper Brown-Fast and Furious Chronowski-and Jumping Holbrook each grabbed 4 points. BUll Strong Eremia-Shy but Tough Lapratt-Faster Than You Ewald-BrickHouse Bringard-and Hard Working Campbell each grabbed two points. The Lady Tigers had an outstanding Team effort and worked very hard. This Team is going to continue to grow and get better and better. Out of the 15 girls that played 11 scored. That's awesome!! Keep up the good work ladies and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!!! Love, Coach W.

Nov 26

 The 7th Grade Basketball Team traveled to Frankenmuth and the A-Team took charge in the 2nd quarter outscoring Muth
13-0. The final score was an outstanding 31-17. Leading lady Tiger Scorers were Ripper Cameryn Brown with 14 hugh points assisted by steals from Mac Attack Smith. Sharp Shooter Dennis had the Purple Rain falling with 3 pointers for 6 points. Jumpin' Rebounding Prime grabbed several rebounds and landed 6 points. Hustling Eremia had great defense and landed 2 points. Elephant Strong Cronowski also grabbed several steals and landed 3 point from freethrows. The girls worked hard as a team last night. They went to work and showed everyone how strong and super they are!!!! Great job girls!!!

The B-Team fell short by 2 points to Muth and the final score was 20-22. Taller Than Most Shaianna LaPratt found the basket for 6 points, Hard Working Caitlyn Campbell and Strong Maria Holbrook with 4 points each. Fast Downing and Tough Kreger with 2 points. Great effort ladies. It seems there was a net over the basket instead of under. You will get them next time. Keep working hard and lets get Millington on Wednesday. 

Dec 3

Congratulations to the awesome, strong, harworking and fabulous 7th
Grade GIrls Basketball team on an outstanding victory over Birch Run. 
The A-Team held on to overcome Birch Run 29-27.  Fancy Foot Work Prime
landed 8 points, Mac Attack Smith landed 7 points and several critical
steals. Swift and Fast Elephant Chronowski also had 7 points and
several critical steals.  Taller Than You LaPratt landed 2points along
with Sharp Shooter Dennis.  Ripper Brown had 1 point and several
important rebounds.
The B-Team controlled the court last night beating BIrch Run 32-8. 
Brick House Bringard worked the boards and landed an awesome 13
points.  Energized Kreger and Stealing Holbrook each had 4 points and
several steals.  Tiny Dot Pisha, Faster Than You Downing, Captain
Campbell, Recovered and Ready Bristol had 2 points and lots of steals.
 Ninja LaRose had 3 points and played great defense.  Great job by
both teams. Keep working hard and Teamwork is the key.  Love, Coach W.

Dec 5th

The 7th Grade Lady Tigers Basketball Team were burning up the court with a victory over Cramer of 36-19. Fast and Furious Chronowski grabbed 14 points with many steals.  Tower Power Prime had several rebounds and 8 points.  Mac Attack Smith grabbed 7 points and several steals.  Jumping Ripper Brown landed 4 points and did a great job rebounding.  Storming Eremia had 2 points but played great defense. 
Biggest Of All Pisha got 1 point off a freethrow.  The girls did a great job and played very good as a team.  Whooowahhhh!!! Keep up the good work and practice, practice, practice!! Love Coach W.


Dec 10th

The Purple Rain was falling last night with Mac Attack Smith, Sharp Shooter Dennis and Fast and Furious Chronowski each landing a 3 pointer. WHOOOWAHHHHH!!!!! The Lady Tigers did a great job beating the Bridgeport Bearcats 34-10. Leading scorers for the Tigers were Mac Attack Smith and Jumping High Prime with 9 points each and lots of steals and rebounds. Fast and Furious Chronowski was close behind with 7 points and several steals. Sharp Shooter Dennis landed 5 points and lots of steals. Taller Than You LaPratt and Campbell's Soup Caitlyn landed 2 points, several rebounds and two big bruises. It was a great display of TEAMWORK. The girls are getting better and better all the time. Keep working hard and be ready to run, run, run for the freethrows!!!! Love, Coach W

Dec 17 th

The 7th Grade Basketball Team lost a tough game last night to North Branch, losing only by 2 points. Tower Power Prime was leading scorer with 9 points. Mac Attack Smith with 7 points and Fast and Furious Chronowski with 5 points. Sharp Shooter Dennis hit for a 3 pointer and Brick House Bringard had 2. The girls couldn't find the basket on freethrows and couldn't get the rebounds from some tough North Branch girls. Good try girls. Let's get ready for Wednesday and go out with a wiining note. Keep working hard. Last practice tonight. Love, Coach W

Dec 19th









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